Monday, December 12, 2011

Make some cash online!!!!

With the recent recession, money was a little tighter at home, and I started to look into ways to make a little extra money to pay for a bill or two. Truth is, there is no easy way to make fast money online, but there are lots of ways to make a little bit at a time, which will end up accumulating at the end of the month.  Here are some of the ones I've been using (and they are legit), with only a few hours a week devoted to earning some money while watching tv, or checking my email: My favorite one so far.  You get "swagbucks" for doing things you do on the internet every day: searching, watching videos, playing games, shopping, etc. Basically these are points that you can redeem for different things such as giftcards, appliances, jewelry, music, movies, among many other things. The options are many. I usually get an e-certificate to paypal, which links to my bank account, and from there I can use it for whatever I want. There are also giftcards for Starbucks, iTunes, and Amazon. It's fun and easy, and free!!! I am personally saving up my Swagbucks for a Kindle fire. I am 1/20 of the way!! Yay! Use my referral link:

Search & Win - You might be already be familiarized with this ChaCha. It's a service where you text your questions and a person answers it while you're on the go, or without internet access. If you sign up and pass their "test", then you are started off as a "vetter". As a vetter, you get questions on your computer nonstop, and you get paid 1 cent per question answered. This might sound like very little, but if you cash out once a month, it adds up. Plus it requires minimal effort, and you can do it while doing other activities online. You can request a check whenever but there is a service fee. Or you can open a bank account with the bank of their choice and they will send you a debit card in which they will deposit your earnings whenever you request. I think the fee for this is $2 dollars each time that you request a payment. Or you could link your bank account and request a payment every $150. Again, this takes a long time, but if you devote ten minutes of your time every day, next thing you know you're able to cash out! I'm definitely saving up for Christmas!
You can also use my referral email: -  I just barely signed up for this service, but it is legit. I find it to be very similar to Swagbucks. The only difference is that you get actual money instead of points. They give you 5 dollars as a sign up bonus! The Downside? It does take a while to accumulate the money needed to cash out. It really does. You can cash out once you have $30 dollars and I think there is a $3 dollar fee for requesting a check. I have been with for a few months now and so far I have accumulated about $17, not enough to cash out. You can earn up to five cents a day doing searches or 35 cents a week. Also, they send you emails worth 1 cent by just checking it. Doing surveys and other offers will usually get you between 25 cents and $15 dollars depending on what you want do. That's the only downside to it, but hey, I'm sure that by Christmas time it will come in handy. - This one is just like ChaCha, but a lot less known and used. However I have found that Weegy pays way more than ChaCha per question: 20 cents. It does require more search and effort than ChaCha, but it is so much easier to sign up for. The traffic is very slow, so when I am working on ChaCha, I keep another window open for Weegy and just pay attention to the notification sound. In month I made enough to pay for my cellphone bill, and the money was deposited to my PayPal account. Referral link:

Note: while doing searches for questions in ChaCha and Weegy, I use my Swagbucks/Inbox dollars toolbars, and then I earn more points for my searches!! It's a win-win situation.

Questions?  Ask below!!!