Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cheap/Free makeup, free stuff, free samples to review!

Okay, so I love getting free stuff and then reviewing them online. So far I use the following websites that are legit:

Totalbeauty.com - I love this website. They have everything!! Makeup reviews, makeup advice, quizzes, blogs, videos, pictures, etc. I just recently discovered it, and by far it's the best makeup website there is. You accumulate points by writing reviews, comments, making friends, uploading photos, videos, etc., and then you get the opportunity to earn samples, contests, giveaways, etc. They also feature amazing offers. I love it! So far I have received about $30 worth of makeup to try and review from NYX Makeup. I also have received dry shampoo to try and review, and t-shirt and more make-up! I have already reached elite status and the sampling oportunites are more often.  They also have AMAZING customer service, getting back to me within the hour when I had an inquiry for anything. Seriously, try it out, even if only to get the great offers they have on makeup!

Sign up HERE.

Another one that's pretty amazing so far is Swaggable.com. Swaggable.com is in its beta phase, but everything is free, and legit. They have all kinds of stuff for you to try, makeup, food, and pretty soon they will add a bunch of more stuff to the list. I'm pretty excited about this website, because when it takes off it's gonna be pretty sweet. They have one item to try per month. So far I have sampled coconut water, pomegranate cashews, lotion, and apple sauce. I really like that you can link your Facebook account to it, saves a lot of trouble.

SircleSamples.com - This one is also in its beta face, but they are pretty cool! You earn sircle coins by interacting with their site and then you can cash in those coins for beauty samples that match your lifestyle. Sign up now! The design of the website it's pretty and feminine, and I think it has the potential to take off. So far I have "bought" a facial cleanser with my sircle coins to review (approximate value of $14). I'm excited as they keep adding things to sample and review!!  You can also unlock badges based on your level of participation, but you have to act fast because the items in the shop run out pretty quickly!!!

Sign up HERE

Smiley360 - This one is fairly new. The way it works: they will assign you a "mission" to try something, and then you will go back to their site and review the product. You earn "smileys" which will enable you to go up levels and therefore be eligible for more "missions". So far I think this one is okay, a little hard to use as I'm still getting the hang of it.

For smiley360 you can sign up HERE

Crowdtap.com This is the newest one I've discovered. It's been around for a while, but I had not idea of this website. I find it really interactive, user-friendly and fun. I actually do  like going into this website everyday and checking if I have ways to earn points.. They also have challenges, missions, and "quick hits" which are questions worth 10 or 25 points depending on who's the sponsor. So tons of way to earn points, really easy, and the more detailed you are, the more points you get. Also, the more you promote your missions the more points you earn if people simply go to it. Sometimes they have "Missions" and they will send you free samples to try so you can write a report about your experience with them, and earn more points,  Easy? Yup. There are many issues with the site, as they recently changed it from a point-earning system, to a sweepstakes system. People who work very hard on the site are now getting sometimes nothing at all, and people who don't participate as much as getting all the prizes. They now have a top 100 board which doesn't seem to do anything other than "hey, look I'm in the top 100!" and doesn't actually guarantee a prize. Last month I spent a lot of time and I got a $10 gift card to Old Navy and a $5 dollar gift card to Amazon. This month I participated twice as much and I only got a $5 gift card to Amazon. So if you want to participate in Crowdtap be ready to do it for the fun of participating and engaging with the brands you like.

Sign up HERE

Expotv.com - This is kind of similar to Crowdtap. You can earn points and cash them in for points. You can try new products on the condition that you go back and write a product and do a video, so kind of like Social Spark. I just discovered it and so far I really like it!

Sign up HERE

Klout.com - You can try out new makeup if you're a part of Klout, it depends on how much "influence" you have on the internet. You can try out things like Essie Nail Polishes, which are awesome. So far I've tried Essie nail polishes, food for my cat, McDonald's, and Burt's Bees new line of Natural Lotions.

You can sign up HERE! 

IZEA - Izea is a site for bloggers to help promote brands. The brands that you'd help promote are varied, from leggings, to food, to apps, to internet services. Some of these blogging opportunities are sampling opportunities so they will send you samples and sometimes even an opportunity to host a giveaway on your blog. And you can host ads on your blog that pay better than Google ads.

To learn more or sign up go HERE!

MyPoints - MyPoints is much like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, together. You can earn points by shopping, searching, checking e-mails, doing surveys, and playing games. This website takes a little longer to earn anything, but the rewards are well worth it, because they have gift cards for great stores like Express, The Limited, and others. This is the only points earning site on this list because you need an account to MyPoints to cash the points you earn from BzzAgent.

Sign up HERE.

Pinchme.com - They release samples every other Tuesday.  Their selection is varied: from mascara and lotion to tea and anti acid. You review things, watch videos, participate in their community and accumulate points to be entered into giveaways or sweepstakes.  Easy to join, easy to participate and easy to get samples!  

Sign up HERE. 

I will keep adding websites that are awesome and legit as I discover them.

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