Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things You Should And Shouldn't Buy At Dollar Stores

I am always looking for new ways to save, and nothing makes me more excited than finding great deals on things I really need. While buying everything at once at the supermarket might be convenient and easier, some things can really save you money at the dollar store.

What to buy:

1. Books - Unless you are looking for a specific book to read, the dollar store is a great place to get books. The other day I saw Sarah Palin's Going Rouge for $1, while at Amazon it sells for $18.

2. Cleaning supplies - If you're anything like me, I do not have a favorite cleaning product, anything that does the job well, does it for me. While disinfectant spray can cost up to $3, again, at the dollar store it sells for, yup, you guessed it right! $1.

3. Beverages - One litter Coke, Vitamin Water, Red Bull, all these items I've seen at the dollar store. If you buy 10 items of those bottled beverages, yo might end up saving $5.

4.  Decorations - I only have a little Christmas tree, so I really don't need lots of ornaments or decorations for it.  My friend spend $300 decorating her tree (granted it is much bigger than mine). Hobby Lobby ornaments can cost about $10 dollars, I think I spent about 25 dollars in ornaments at the dollar store.

5. Hair accessories - Hairbands, clips, bobby pins. All one dollar. 

6. Envelopes/mailing stuff - One dollar for 100 envelopes!

7. Cards/Gift bags, etc.- Nice gift bags, gift boxes, packaging for $1.

What not to buy:

 1. Food - I have bought food from here before, but it is usually damaged (if packaged), or expired.

2. Makeup - You should be very careful about what you put on your face or near your eyes. When it comes to makeup, you get what you pay for. Usually dollar store make up is low quality, and doesn't last long.

3. Toilet paper/ paper towels - They don't contain enough or are very thin and then you actually end up using more.

4.  Hair stuff - I have bought this stuff before to try it out, but they are usually terrible quality.