Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Could Waste All My Time With These Apps (And Probably Already Do)

1. iFunny - (Free) So this app is just a bunch of funny pictures with captions that people post. It is so funny! Really. It has several categories that you can browse through, and you can vote them up or down depending on whether you liked the picture or not. It does have a little bit of offensive humor, and some of the pictures posted have very stupid humor. I recommend not even checking out the "Collective" category because that's just a bunch of teens posting things like "Am I hot?"

 2.  Cover Orange - ($0.99)I love this game! One of my favorites. It's a game where you have to "save" the orange from getting "killed" by an evil cloud that throws acid rain. You save the oranges using blocks given and placing them strategically to protect the orange. It is quite challenging and timed. It has tons of levels, and it's just so fun!

3. Beyond Ynth - ($0.99) This game features a little cute lady bug that has to get from one side of a level to the other. It travels around in little cubes, but if you spend a lot of time outside the cube you can get frozen by the cold winter, or burned by the scorching sun. And if you move your boxes wrong you can get trapped or smashed by falling nuts or balls. Tons of levels as you travel through "Ynth".

4. Siege Hero - ($0.99) This game is about bringing stuff down! It's a physics-based destruction game, where the enemy castle is under siege and you are the aggressor. You can bring down the castle by burning it down, or breaking key members in its structure. It's pretty fun, and tons of levels as well!

5. Mega Jump! - (Free) I love this app because interesting a different. It has been out for a long time now and I still play it a lot. You have to evade obstacles by balancing your phone from side to side, while you keep moving up and reaching new heights and levels. You collect power ups and coins to unlock new levels or characters.


What are your favorite game apps?