Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank you, Thank you!!!

This year I have been entering some giveaways on YouTube, and I have been so fortunate enough to have won some of them. I never really thought that I would win anything! But I have won some really cool stuff, and from really nice people. This is just a thank you to all of you who have sent me things that I have won in your giveaways. I would send you a thank you card, but a lot of you don't have P.O. Boxes, and I really don't wanna seem like a creep so I think this is by far the most appropriate way to express my gratitude and say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 

 I won her giveaway a while back! I love what she sent me.  I love the color and I have never owned anything by MAC. She is a pretty, nice girl!! Her channel is fun and quirky and she has several tutorials in her channel, as well as outfits of the day, with really nice, chic, pretty, easy style.  xoxoxoxox Check her out!!!

Her giveaway was a maxi dress. It was done through the company , they have really cool dresses, accessories and perfumes. I guess they ran out of the actual dress that was featured in the original giveaway video, so they let me pick whatever I wanted from their website under a value of $100. It was awesome!!!  Lucky much? As a thank you for being so nice they also sent me a very nice, full size perfume that smells wonderful. I subscribe to her blog, and I am honestly jealous of her style!! Thanks!!!

I won the very first giveaway featured on her channel. She is seriously nice and sweet. Her channel features makeup, easy-to-follow tutorials, hauls, etc. I've noticed she tries to keep engaged with her subbies as much as possible, and even has a thank you video for them in which she tries to thank her subbies in different languages. She's awesome. :)

I won her giveaway not too long ago, I still haven't received the goodies, but I'm sure they're gonna be so awesome. In her channel you will find awesome hauls, makeup collections, hair tutorials, giveaways etc. Her videos are fun, check her out!!!

I entered her giveaway and I loved my goodies!!! Her channel is pretty cool with videos showing hauls, her favorite things/products, several tags. Her channel is fun, and she seems like a girl who will stand up for herself should she need to! xoxoxoxo

Thanks so much all of you, with all my heart! I will continue to support you guys' channels, and keep up the good work!!!! xoxoxoxo