Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love Food Series

I love food so much. I think I live to eat. I enjoy all kinds of food, and do not limit myself to what I can taste and eat, because it's always an adventure. Food can tell you so much about a culture, about a person, depending on who's making the food. For me, just like for almost every one of you, my favorite food is by my mother. I grew up in Mexico, eating amazing authentic stuff like tamales, rolled red chilli enchiladas, mole Poblano, mariscada, cochinita pibil, carne con chile. Though I love my Mexican food, and it is, and will always be my favorite, I also have a preference for other types of food: Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, American, etc., etc. I think I have even tried at one point chocolate-covered crickets!
One of my favorite, very expensive hobbies is going out to eat. I love trying out restaurants! From the big, well-known national chains like Olive Garden of P. F. Chang's, to the little hidden gem in some small town that I happen to be traveling through.
Which is why I am going to be writing about my favorite restaurants, what the food is like, whether the service is good or bad, prize ranges, type of foods, etc. From now on, the next restaurant I review is going to have the title of I Love Food... I Love (name of the restaurant). Maybe one day you will try the same restaurant that I did, and you are just as happy and excited! Or you could be disappointed and angry at me that I recommended that restaurant and why I even wrote about it in the first place. I do have a soft spot for sea food, and maybe most of my posts will include a dish with shrimp or salmon that I ate when I visited that specific restaurant. I also have not traveled much outside of New Mexico and Colorado, so I will stick to what I know and where I've been. If you like chile or spicy food, New Mexico is the place to visit! I also love candy, so I will not limit my posts to just restaurants, but maybe even include candy shops, home-made ice cream shops, and any shop where they have edible stuff!