Friday, April 13, 2012

Just A Pointer: How Not To Promote Your Website

Okay, so a few weeks ago, this company was getting a lot of hype promising that they were going to give away (for free) a box of nail strips to try out. In order to get them all you had to do was "like" their Facebook page and fill out a survey.
Patiently, thousands of people waited to get the news of their new website being launched.
Today we all got an email.

It basically said thanks for participating in the survey, here is your free item, but doesn't include shipping. Have a nice day.

LOL, as you can probably predict, tons of people were upset that their product was free, but they will have to pay $5 dollars for shipping. This was NEVER mentioned in the survey or anywhere on their Facebook page. I honestly don't think five dollars is a lot of money, BUT what caught my attention was my "UNIQUE" code. When reading the comments, I saw that the code was the same for everybody! And they were sharing it on the page. Perl was quick to remove those comments that contained the "unique code". I know because they removed mine.

I am not upset, I actually think this is kind of funny. Trying to get people to "like" or "follow" you in social networks and then the invisible print comes out.

I think lots of people are going to be very unhappy with this, and unliking this page. Not only that but writing about and spreading the word. This is a formula for bad publicity.

I won't unlike their page, because I want to see what they will do to fix this (if anything) or future things that they will do to redeem themselves.

Or wait... they did mention on their Facebook page that shipping does suck, and they will keep that in mind.