Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring outfits!!!

Spring arrived a few weeks ago, and I am so happy it did. :D

Here are some outfits I have worn lately that are so sweet and fresh and so spring-appropriate along with light makeup and my favorite perfumes/fragrances!


 I let my hair go wild, because quite frankly I think curly hair looks so awesome in spring!

Makeup I used here: MAC Nicki Minaj Lipstick (, NYX liquid eyeliner (, Cargo blush in coral, and NYX La Amoreoux Mascara.

Outfit: Aquamarine dress by BCBG  (, sweater top by So (Kohl’s), and belt by Charlotte Russe. Also Pink Friday nail polish by O.P.I.  Shoes not shown in this outfit, but they are flats by Mudd (Kohl’s).

Fragrance: Flirt! Flowerific (Kohl's) which is an amazing fragrance and could not be more perfect for spring. Seriously, if there is a fragrance that screams spring, this is it.  


Sorry I this is not the greatest picture, it was taken at the back room of a restaurant while I was waiting for someone to get off work. LOL

Anyway, the outfit is a dress from Kohl’s by So, and wedges by Mudd, , Wooden earrings I bought a local gift shop and purse is a knit purse I got at Dillard’s. Pink Friday nail polish again by O.P.I.

Makeup:  NYX liquid eyeliner, and MAC Nicki Minaj lipstick.  Hair band by Rue21.
I also was wearing my favorite fragrance of all time: Victoria’s Secret Pink Fresh and Clean!


Outfit: Yellow top (I don’t know the brand as it was a gift and has no tag), black tank top by So (Kohl’s), Skinny jeans by Hollister.
Makeup: Cargo mascara,  white  eye shadow by NYX (to make my eyes a little brighter),Pink lip butter by Sally Hansen.