Friday, May 25, 2012

NuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch Review

I bought this one out of curiosity at Walgreens for $25 a kit. 

It's supposed to smooth out your hair. and make it less frizzy and more manageable for about a period of thirty days. I have curly, damaged hair, and I thought this would be a good chance of saving myself some time when it came to making my hair straight. Here is what came with the package:

One Ultra Care Shampoo, one Ultra Smoothing Gloss, Ultra Care conditioner, gloves and instructions.

Here is a picture of me with my natural hair, to give you an idea of how it looked before:

So after trying it out, here is what I think:

The bad first
 I was scared that too much heat was going to hurt my already very damaged hair.  You have to blow dry your hair twice and iron it within the hour and comb every five minutes within a 30 minute period. Also, it takes a long time (about 2 hours for me) to do the whole treatment. Once finished, it's supposed to smooth out the hair and make it less frizzy, with less volume, but I ended up with some curly parts and some straights parts. You cannot wash your hair, or accessorize it or even put it behind your ears for 48 hours. Another thing, I have my hair dyed red (I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture above), and it lightened my hair a lot, and brought out the highlights that were hidden. This is supposed to happen if you have dyed your hair. I actually liked it. Now, if you have your hair chemically dyed, this might happen to you and you might not like it. Now the fumes were very irritant to my eyes, and were hard to avoid since I was doing it myself. So if you do it, make sure it is in a well ventilated area. It claims it's all natural and formaldehyde free and so I was not too concerned about the fumes. So that's the bad. 

This is after blow drying and ironing the hair with the gloss on. I don't know if you can tell but it's a lighter brown in color, instead of the dark red int he pic above. Also the lightning might have been different, which in turn might have made the hair seem lighter than it actually is.

The good 
My hair usually feels like hay, because I have so many split ends and my hair is so thick it's just hard to manage. After waiting a few hours when my hair was dry, I could feel a huge difference in the texture of my hair. I decided to let it air dry (because I was NOT going to blow dry it for a third time) so it looks a little curly, but my curls aren't as pronounced as they usually are so that's good. Frizz is also definitely down as well, and I can totally see that the volume of my hair has decreased. It is also super shiny! Did I mention manageable? I can actually run my fingers through my hair for once. My hair is very soft and I am very happy about that as well. Yay! This is how it looked like when I let it air dry:

 As you can see, it's not completely curly, but also not straight. It's more wavy than anything, but oh so soft and touchable! Without that hay-like texture.

It's been 48 hours so I decided to wash my hair and style it (blow dried and used Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum), and it looks like this:

The verdict
I have to admit I'm just scared that my hair is going to be too damaged after the 30 days because of all the heat you have to use in order for the product to set. I really like that it took a shorter time of blow drying after application, used less anti-frizz product. I love the texture of my hair, it has literally never been this soft. I would probably buy again!

After 30 days - I only wash my hair every other day, so the smoothing process lasted way longer than usual. As far as split ends and damage, the hair was not worse than it was before the treatment. My hair turned from super curly to wavy. It was also lighter.  No significant damage, and quite honesly, I was very impressed!

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. No compensation of any kind was given to me to write this review. All opinions are 100% mine and honest.