Friday, June 1, 2012

Bringing Baby Home

I have always had animals around me. Like, all my life. So when I moved away to a place where there were none, I was sad.  I begged and begged the land lord to allow me to have a pet, anything. I think at that point I was desperate and I would have gotten a fish if I could've. Then I got the okay to be able to have a small pet. Just imagine how excited I was!!! Literally jumped up and down screaming yay!!!

And then the search started! I looked on Craigslist, the animal shelter, the Humane Society, classified ads, the internet, Facebook, etc. I was primarily looking for a cat. A couple of Craigslist adds caught my attention: one for a chinchilla (because I've never owned one) and one for a ferret (because I guess I have never owned one either, haha). I guess I was feeling a little adventurous. But anyway, I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, though I like both and I would not mind having a small puppy.  So there was this add on Craigslist that really caught my eye: it was an ad for kittens to a good home, they were yellow and black and they had green eyes, about 10 weeks old and oh so cute! So I grabbed the phone and I called the person. She said she had two left (out of five) and sure we could meet sometime that day in the afternoon.

So all excited, I traveled about 20 miles to meet them. When I got to the house, I was met by the owner, and she said she could not find the kittens. I guess the momma kitty had noticed that her kittens were being taken away so she had hid them somewhere outside the property (I'm guessing about a couples of acres of forest, yeah imagine finding them), because there were nowhere to be found inside the house. I left heart broken. :'( Like literally, I almost cried. So feeling quite sad that I did not get my kitty, I thought to myself that it would probably be a whole lot better if I just went to the animal shelter and spent the $80 dollars for a cat. After thinking that, I felt excited again! So I went to Walmart and bought everything I needed to welcome my new baby home: litter box and litter, toys, dry and wet food, a small bed, and bowls for food and water. I forgot to buy a carrier, I guess that's probably very important. :/

Anyway... so there I go, to the shelter, and I was received by a very nice girl at the front desk. If it wasn't for the sign that read "dogs and cats" I would have thought I walked into a hospital. It was a very nice facility, very clean.

There were so many beautiful cats, of all colors and ages, and sizes. And they all looked at me, some even said hi through the glass windows. The volunteer lady told me to take my time. After a few minutes of looking I told her I wanted to see one in particular. It was a female white and tabby kitten named Frannie. She was about 10 weeks old and she was so cute!!! So, they took me to this "interacting" room, and told me to wait a few minutes. Then they brought Frannie into the room and left me alone for about ten minutes so I could interact with her. She fell asleep on my lap, and though she was a little shy at the beginning, I could hear her purr while I pet her. I said, yup, this is the one! And I was on the way to filling up paper work to take her home.They gave us a cardboard pet carrier, since I did not have one, and off we went! She cried all the way home.

That was yesterday.

The first night home, she did not fall asleep, she thought that playing with my hair is a far more appropriate activity to do at night. When she did sleep, she refused to sleep on her bed, but thought my chest was more comfy. She does not like to play with her toys much, but shoe strings. Fortunately, she is littler box trained, and eats her food without problems.

I also did not think she looked like a Frannie, so I changed her name to Tesla (the greatest genius who ever lived, and no, not nerdy at all).

You cannot imagine how happy I am! Thank you, Humane Society for giving me such happiness, and making my adoption process so pleasant, easy, and fast.

Right now she is sleeping next my laptop. I guess she likes the warmth.

I love my new kitten!