Monday, June 11, 2012

Do You Love Bears? Do You Hate Cancer?

Oh man, if you love bears and hate cancer, please take a moment to read this:

UPDATE: So apparently, the lawyer kind of got his feelings hurt and now he's suing the National Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society. These charities have nothing to do with the original lawsuit between the Oatmeal and FunnyJunk, NOTHING. Good job Charles Carreon, now you are probably the most hated man in America.

P.S. The fundraiser is up to $185,000. At this rate, The Mighty Oatmeal will x10 his original goal of $20,000.

SECOND UPDATE: The Oatmeal has officially surpassed $210,000. About 13,972 people have donated. Mr. Matthew Inman, you are amazing and your fans are too! There are three days left to donate to the charities, if you haven't already please, PLEASE, please do so by clicking the at the banner located almost at the bottom on this post. Thank you!!

Original Post:

Mr. Matthew Inman is one of my favorite bloggers of all time, not only because he's hilarious and can make any terrible day into a better day, but also because he has a heart of gold, not to mention he's intelligent.

Anyway, you may already know that he's the author of a highly popular blog called "The Oatmeal" which is one of the best blogs ever. You can find awesome jokes, and images like this:

Anyway, the reason for this post is to let everyone know that Mr. Inman is currently raising money for two charities: the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society. Why you may ask? Here is where I love Matthew Inman even more:

He got served from a website called, for using HIS images without giving him credit for it, and Matthew Inman writing about it on his site. Anyway, they are asking him to pay $20,000 in damages. In my opinion, this whole thing from FunnyJunk is ridiculous.  Well Mr. Inman in the funniest, yet kindest way possible, said he was going to raise that money and take a picture of the money raised, send it to them and then ask donate it to the aforementioned charities. He could have asked his fans for money to help him pay for his lawyers or fees or help him flee the country if he wanted to, and I'm sure his fans would've helped him anyway. But he chose to make the best of a bad situation and make it totally awesome! If only more people did that for others!

Mr. Inman has a HUGE fan base, and HE RAISED $20,000 IN 64 MINUTES!!!!

Anyway, the charity is open for two weeks, so if you would like to make a small contribution, like I did, please go here: 

It sounds a lot funnier when he tells it, so please read the whole story here:

Mr. Inman, I love you, all of us do.