Friday, June 22, 2012


Well, it has been almost a month since I adopted my kitten Tesla (after the great engineer/scientist/inventor/genius Nikola Tesla) from the Humane Society. Things have been super fun having her around! I love her! Kittens in general are super energetic, fun and usually tend to destroy curtains. Yup, I still have curtains, they're just not pretty like they used to be.

Tesla is a very sweet, loving, and energetic kitten. She does the cutest and weirdest things:

- She loves me and I know so because she likes to lick my hair, as if I needed grooming and maybe I do.
- She thinks of me as a climbing pole, that's so sweet.
- She also thinks of herself as a parrot, since her favorite place to hang out is my shoulder.
- She likes to sing at night. She sings beautiful songs to me while I am trying to sleep. I was thinking of changing her name to Christina, after Christina Aguilera. But I can't change her name because she is actually starting to respond to Telsa.

- She has tons of toys. Somehow she thinks my makeup brushes are part of her toy collection and that her toy collection is some sort of Venus de Milo or Mona Lisa and should never be touched, that they're just there to be looked at.
- She likes to beg for food. Bad kitty!
- She likes to chase her tail. Really. Like a dog. I wish I had the energy to plug in my camera and take a good video of her. Maybe one day.
- She eats a lot. She's getting big!
- She also likes to watch YouTube videos of kitties meowing and she talks back to them. It's so cute!
- You know how sometimes dogs run around the house like crazy when you get home, so happy to see you? Sometimes Tesla does the same. lol True story.

Anyway, my kitty has been the perfect addition to my house. Now it actually feels like a home! Now, every time I hear a noise, I know it's Tesla, and not some ghost that's hunting my house.

Look how pretty she is:

Tesla the parrot

Tesla is cute

Tesla likes to cuddle with my breakfast

Does your pet do any of this? Or anything weird? Does your pet have an identity crisis? Tell me about it.