Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrift Store Haul

I just came back from vacation in my hometown, Las Cruces, NM. It's funny how when you move away, visiting home counts as going on vacation. And to me it is, because the town that once was small, it's growing so fast it's crazy. Every time I go they get something new: a CVS, a huge market, a new restaurant, etc., so it is really like going on vacation and discovering different, new things.

Moving on, one of my favorite things to do (besides hanging out with friends and going out to eat) is going thrift shopping. Everything is so cheap and there are so many places to go. I did see Prada purse for $25 that I did not buy because I didn't like it. I'm guessing that's a great price for a huge Prada bag.

I am super picky with the clothes, it has to be something I like.
Here are some of the great items I found and how much they were!!!

American Eagle skirt, $0.99

Aeropostale skirt, $0.99

Aeropostale skirt, $0.99

Express Jeans, $3

The Limited pink top, $2

Express brown cami, $1

21 cardigan, $2

That's a bunch of super cute items for $12!
I needed skirts for the summer. Yay! Lucky me.