Friday, July 27, 2012

Nexus 7 Review

Last week was my birthday and I had been wanting a Kindle Fire for the longest time, and what's a better occasion than my birthday to get one? So I started doing my research, and there was this buzz all over the place about this new tablet that was supposed to be better than a Kindle Fire, and many other tablets for the super low price of $199 for the 8GB one. I actually ended up getting the 16GB tablet for $249 (in addition to $13.99 shipping fee), which sold out before the 8GB on the Google Play Store.

It took a while to get here, but here are some things about it that I really like (Please note that I am not a technology expert or anything):

- 7" Screen
- Comes with a $25 credit to the Google Play Store
- It also includes the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon
- Comes with the wall charger and the USB cable
- Weighs only .74 lbs
- WiFi and Bluetooth
- Beautiful sleek design
- Designed for the Google Play Store, much like the Kindle Fire is for Amazon
- Runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
- This is what sold me: 1.2MP front-facing camera!
- Includes a microphone, GPS and more!

The packaging looks simple and pretty:

The Good:

I have been playing around with the Nexus for a while, and I am in love. I love the beautiful, crisp image. The speed of response is awesome. The fact that it has a front-facing camera, and microphone so I can Skype my friends and family that live far away. The fact that I can use this as an e-reader is awesome, which is the most important reason why I wanted it. It is so easy to hold. Access to tons of apps from the Android Market. It also has a battery life of 8hrs in active use, so I can watch movies comfortably without having to worry about charging it. The price! One of the most affordable tablets out there right now. I also love the bigger keys on the virtual keyboard, which makes it easier for me to type. I can access my favorite social networking sites with no problem, since the apps work wonderfully. Loud speakers to listen to Pandora, I love that I don't need earphones to get loud, clear sound.

The Bad:

It really has nothing to do with the device itself, but I've got to say I was pretty disappointed with the way Google managed the whole shipping situation with the pre-orders. I ordered it on the 12th of July and I didn't get it till July 23rd, when the official release of the device to the public was on July 17th. Thinking I would get my device sooner than the 23rd, I ordered online and paid $14 for shipping. A lot of people were pointing out that, had they known this, they would've just gone to the store to buy it, instead of ordering the Nexus directly from the Google Play Store. There is a lot more to this, but I'm happy I finally got my device.
Enough with the rant. One of the things I don't like about the device is the fact that A LOT of apps do not work or aren't authorized to work with the device. I'm hoping that in the future that will get fixed.  It also doesn't have FlashPlayer. I don't like that the on/off button is on the side of the tablet, instead of at the top, but that is just something I think I'll get used to.Also, there has been a couple of times where my internet doesn't want to seem to connect, but it is simply fixed by turning off the WiFi for a few seconds and then back on. Or unplugging my router for a few minutes also might work.

The Verdict:

The Nexus 7 is a beautiful device, with fast response, super crisp image, long lasting battery, and easy to use. I think it's perfect for reading e-books. I have never owned an iPad, and I've heard that this is a very close competition for a fraction of the price. I really like it, and I'm very happy with it. The Transformers movie and the $25 credit to the Google Play store are just a plus. I highly recommended and I would give it 9/10. 

Recommended case: EXOTEK Premium Slim-Fit Folio Cover Case With Multi-Angle Stand For Google Nexus 7 Tablet (With Automatic Sleep/Wake Function) (Black)

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review, nor was I given a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.