Thursday, July 19, 2012


1. How long have you been blogging? 
I really haven't been blogging for that long, officially since February 2012.

And what got you started on blogging? I was bored.
Has your blog changed? Not really. I mean, I originally intended to blog about things I like, or personal experiences, and so far that's what I have been blogging about.
2. Did you go to college? Yes! If so where, and what did you study? I went to college in Las Cruces at New Mexico State University. I studied civil engineering.

3. Where have you traveled?

 I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. And my family lived in a bunch of places when I was little: Torreon and Juarez, that's all I can remember. I've been to El Paso, all over New Mexico, Denver, and Colorado Springs. I went to Phoenix once for a robotics competition, and Austin and San Antonio, TX for a couple of vacations.
4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? I don't know. Probably another college degree.

5. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?

- I really don't like reality TV. I feel stupid watching people talk about nothing and do nothing.
- Intolerant people and religious freaks
- Rude people
6. What is your favorite movie?

 I have a bunch but I really do love Apocalypto, Walle, and The Notebook.
7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?

 Depends on what I am eating. If I'm eating Italian food I drink wine. If I am eating Mexican, I drink beer. Any other time I like tea or water.
8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?

 Express... Or the Apple Store. Man, that's a hard one.
10. Share with us an embarrassing moment of your past? Or present.

 I have a bunch, but I pretty much embarrass myself every time I cook. 
11. What day would you love to relive again?

 I can think of a bunch. I have too many good memories.
12. If your life was turned into a movie... what actor would play you?

My life is pretty chill right now compared to how it used to be... but I am thinking someone like Ellen Page because she's little like me.
13. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years?

 I worked at a pizza place, which I hated, and a call center doing data entry, which I loved.
14. Show us a picture from high school or college.

I'm not the Asian one
15. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?

 Anywhere in the world, huh... Probably Egypt to go see the Giza pyramids. Or have some crazy jungle adventure in the Amazon in South America. Yup, jungle adventure like the movie Anaconda.
16. Show us the most current picture of you or you, or your family, or anything of meaning to you. 

30 lbs later... on my 24th birthday
17. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?

Happy, healthy, hopefully working on a different career. Something like social worker, or maybe a high school teacher... or professional food taster... One can only dream, right?