Saturday, July 21, 2012

True Blood Forsaken Perfume!

If you are a fan of the show True Blood, get excited because they are soon to launch a new beauty line and perfume. The line includes nail polishes, lipsticks, a candle, body cream and body vail (so far).

I've got the new perfume, named Forsaken.

Forsaken is supposed to reflect the atmosphere of the show by being a mixture of light, dark, seductive and mysterious, bring out the sexiness and sultriness of the woman who wears it.

My first impression of the perfume: the packaging is beautiful, eye-catching, attractive, sexy.

The packaging is beautiful and elegant. And all those designs are textured and palpable.

What's inside???


The bottle is also beautiful: transparent with red tones and black designs. Also, a little detail resembling drops of blood makes it look extra "True Blood".
Also, there is a little bonus! The ring that holds the blood" drops can be easily removed from the bottle and worn in your hand.  It looks so pretty, and makes a nice accessory.

How does it smell?

It has sweet/spicy smell. If you have ever tried Baby Phat's Fabulosity Perfume, it smells similar to that.
It has a fruity, citrus smell, with a hint of jasmine of Queen of the Night flower.  Because of this, I think it's perfect to be worn during the day or night.

I wore this perfume to the Premier of the Dark Knight Rises.  I was waiting in line for a couple of hours. I actually got compliments on the way it smelled while I was in line! And after the three hours inside a hot movie theater, it kept smelling as wonderful as if it had just been applied. I really liked that the smell lasted that long, specially inside a crowded, hot movie theater. A little goes a long way.

Where can I get it, and for how much?
The beauty line and perfume are set to be released on August 9th, 2012. The perfume's price will be around $60 + SHIPPING. You can buy it at HSN's website HERE.

The Verdict?
The bottle is beautiful and sexy. The long-lasting, sweet pear/jasmine/amber fragrance can be worn during the day or night in my opinion. One or two sprays is enough. It's not intoxicating (in a bad way) or overwhelming like other perfumes. I really loved it and it's definitely a favorite!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this review.