Monday, August 6, 2012

11:11 Tommy Torres

Another lyrical gem by amazing singer/songwriter Tommy Torres just came out, it's called 11:11.
This song is similar to the last song Querido Tommy, in the sense that it is also more like beautiful poem read out lout. The lyrics are so romantic, sensual, and different than what we're used to in music nowadays. The music and style of this song are so nice and relaxing.
This song talks about him having a hard, long week and not having any energy to go out on the weekend, but somehow,  around 10:10 p.m. he starts to play around. He feels so lucky to wake up next to her in the morning. The lyrics are sexy, and romantic. Here is my favorite part of the song:

...Pero algo me dice
que en las noches tan lentas
la luna se crece
y la magia comienza,
se por experiencia que la cosa calienta
como a las once y once ya verĂ¡s.

You know, sometimes I feel really lucky I am a Spanish speaker. I get to listen and understand beautiful music, just like this song. Thanks Tommy Torres, for making art for the ears!!!

Check out the music video below: