Friday, August 31, 2012

Always Radiant Infinity

Product info:
Always Radiant Infinity pads feature a unique technology that conforms to each individual shape, delivering premium protection. Always Radiant Infinity pads are part of the Radiant Collection, a new complete offering of premium tampons, pads, liners and wipes that meets all of a woman’s feminine care needs. The new Collection stands out on shelves and features packaging and wrappers that compliment any girl’s unique style, making these products must-have accessories any time of the month.

My Review

I was very impressed with this new product from Always. It is super different to whatever I have tried before. First of all, the packaging of the box is so attractive and sophisticated:

Buy me, buy me!

Once I opened the package, the pad itself is soooo thin, and it has a subtle fresh scent. The pad is so thin when it's folded I'd say its about a quarter inch.

This is where it gets interesting. The design of the pad is so different, designed to absorb more than your regular pad, and I can see why: 

I had the chance to try them out, and it is super awesome. It is so thin you can barely feel it, it does absorb more than the regular pads I have used before. It stays in place and adapts to the shape of your body. I would HIGHLY recommend this pad for younger girls, since it is so thin and comfy it wouldn't be a problem getting used to it. 

Where to buy:
You can buy them at almost any retailer nationwide. Suggested retail price:  $3.99 - $5.49 (16 pads), $7.49 - $9.49 (32 pads)

Check out Tampax and Always!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster