Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Indian Market

Indian Market is a huge event for Native Americans all over the country and people from ALL OVER THE WORLD come to buy exquisite pieces of art and jewerly. It happens in Santa Fe, New Mexico, every year in August on the Plaza located Downtown. The event is so huge that several streets are closed down for pedestrian use. The streets are filled with vendors from all over the US. In the market you can find art by different Native American tribes: Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Chemehuevi, Cheyenne, Cochiti Pueblo, Oglala Sioux, Jemez Pueblo, Acoma Pueblog, Cherokee, Dakota, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, Nambe Pueblo, Potawatomi, Zuni, Arapaho, among many, may others. They have from small pottery to huge, intricate, elaborate designs in marble. Women walk around the plaza wearing beautiful turquoise and silver necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets and/or rings and men walk wearing silver belt buckles and other pieces. There are also food vendors offering classic Native American foods such as the Navajo Taco. I wish I could've taken pictures of my favorite pieces, but pictures were restricted, for copyright purposes.
Indian Market is a great way to see things and learn about Native American culture and history. I am so lucky to have experienced it yet another year.

Wearing a skirt by Chana, Native American Concho belts, earrings and bracelet

Beautiful Navajo Native American silver necklace and silver bracelet

Native American turquoise and silver watches