Friday, August 31, 2012

VEET wax strips

A bit of info:
This summer, keep your skin smooth for longer with VEET® Ready-to-Use Wax Strips for Legs & Body. The strips are specially formulated to remove hair on legs, underarms and bikini area from closer to the root than shaving for smoothness that lasts up to 4 weeks.

To keep legs smooth and free of hair for longer periods of time, use Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips for Legs and Body. I use them primarily on my legs. I have tried waxed before with other products, and this strips are by far the quickest, and less messy method for hair removal through waxing.
Does it hurt? Yes. It hurts a little when your pull the strips off the skin. The first time I did it, I didn't pull the strips fast enough so it got red and irritated, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy, quick and no irritation!

Make sure you pull the skin tight as you pull the strip for a more effective waxing experience.
I love the little towels that come with wax strips for removal of extra wax, they are quite effective and leave the skin feeling smooth, with a very faint pleasant scent.
Where to buy?
You can find VEET Ready to Use Wax Strips at Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart!
Suggest retail price of the Wax Strips:  $9.99

Check out Veet's website!

Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster