Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Is With Music These Days?!?!

I don't usually listen to the radio, or what is current with music these days.  I usually just listen to the magical world that my iPod provides. That safe heaven where all music is beautiful and perfect.
I lost my iPod charger a few days ago, and while I could have transferred all my music into my Android phone or "The Cloud" it would have taken forever to do that, and let's face it, I didn't do it because I was too lazy. Being Saturday, I have a lot of cleaning to do, but of course my iPod is out of battery (and who can do cleaning without some good music?).
Okay, so I don't own a stereo and my computer's speakers not very loud. So what do I turn to? The TV's music channels.

I'm grew up with 90s music and while I do enjoy the likes of Lady Gaga (some songs), Taylor Swift, and many other current pop and R&B singers, I was appalled by what I heard on the "Top Hits" music channel.

Lyrics like:  

Remember all the things that you and I did first?
And now you're doing them with her?
I want you back... blah blah blah

In the most absurd, annoying voice I have ever heard. It sounded like someone was choking, or had a really bad cold. I'm sorry but what is this?!!

I also honestly didn't know that Taylor Swift had come out with a new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". The lyrics are quite catching, but her voice without the music... eh.

Oh Rihanna's song "You Da One" shoot me, please.

Or for example Nicki Minaj's "Pound the Alarm"

"Some call me Nicki, and some call me Roman Skeeza, pleeza, I'm in Ibiza Giuseppe Zanotti, my own sneaker "
 I know it's rapping but I have no idea what she's saying, maybe I should've paid more attention to the song.

LFMAO's "Sexy and I Know It"
What kind of name is that? Can I make my own music group and call it IEOOSJKDNVUHDLLE?

That being said, not all music nowadays is terrible autotuned, annoying sounds of people puking, gargling or having a bad case of mocos. There is nothing wrong with wanting to understand what singers are singing.

There are many good singers out there that I'm a fan of and have really good music: Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katie Melua, Shakira, Colbie Caillat, Lifehouse, Akon, Usher, Demi Lovato Omarion. etc,.

I heard a lot of good new music too. I love Matchbox Twenty and their new single "She's So Mean" and anything by Maroon 5 is a win with me and I'm completely guilty of singing along to "Tik Tok" and "Call Me, Maybe". And I am guilty of overplaying Adele and "Somebody That I Used to Know".  But C'mon a lot of this is bad, bad, bad music with a bad message to the people who listen to it (which is mostly youth). I guess that's what people like these days. I am forever traumatized.

Though older music was not free of having bad artists and lyrics (Macarena? anyone) and this is true for any music decade/period, I miss days where we had music of The Scorpions, The Beatles, Tracy Chapman, the quirky sense of style of Cyndi Lauper, and the old songs of Shakira and Enrique Iglesias.

I guess for now I will have to play the "80s Hits" station on my TV, till I buy a new charger for my iPod.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

NOTD: Nicki Minaj Minis

I was feeling creative the other day, and I decided to have some fun with some nail polishes I have that I've never used: the Nicki Minaj Mini Nail Polishes by O.P.I.

Here is the NOTD I created, using Fly, Did It On 'Em and Metallic 4 Life (as the top coat) from the collection:

How did I create the half design? I don't have any fancy tools or anything, so I used regular tape. I covered half the nail with tape and then applied the nail polish. Then, I took off the tape, waited for the polish to dry completely and then repeated the process with the other half of the nail. If the nail polish is not dry enough, the tape will peel it off. It was a very time consuming procedure waiting for the nail to dry, applying the tape correctly right at the edge and making sure it was dry enough to continue, but I really liked the results. As a top coat I put on the Metallic 4 Life, which is a glittery clear nail polish.

So pretty!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

eShakti Fall Fashion and Coupon Code

eShakti is one of my favorite online stores for women's clothing.
The best thing about eShakti is that their clothing is customizable, that is you can customize how you want your dress to look like. Short sleeves, long sleeves, knee length, ankle length? No problem. The also have all styles in all sizes 0-26W.

Here are some of my favorites from the Fall Collection :

Anyway, eShakti has kindly offered my readers and friends a discount code!! 

Enter YENYFLORES at checkout for $25 off your first purchase, expires December 31, 2012.

  • Disclaimer: The code is valid for use only by those who are not eShakti customers already, expires on December 31, 2002., this post may contain affiliated links. Pictures: Courtesy of

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shabby Apple Favorites and Discount Code

Oh, how I love Shabby Apple!

They have the most beautiful dresses at affordable prices. Their dresses are so beautiful, timeless, classic. Check them out and if you like anything use the following discount code:

10% off site wide code: favorite10

This code expires 9/14/2012.
Here are the best selling dresses of this year:
1. Alice 
And a personal favorite, Red Carpet
 Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always Remember

I do not like writing sad posts. But today has to be the exception.
Eleven years ago on this day, I was in Cd. Juarez, Mex., in a physics class. My professor at the time (who is American) made a comment about a plane hitting one of the towers, and how unfortunate it was. It must have been around 10am central time, so only one tower had been hit. Mexican schools are badly equipped with electronics and other commodities, and as such, the classroom in which I was had no TV, radio or computer. So I did not know the magnitude of the attacks right away. When I got home at 3pm that day and turned on the TV, and I saw every channel had the same picture: a building on fire, a cloud of smoke, people jumping off buildings, the Pentagon on fire, the brave passengers of Flight 93 . I thought to myself, this HAS to be a movie! But it didn't make sense that all channels had the same movie. As a twelve year old, I did not really understand what a terrorist attack was, since never in my life had I seen one. But I understood the word "terror" and that was enough. As I kept on watching, the real magnitude of the attacks started to make sense, though up to this day, I still don't understand their purpose and I am sure I never will understand it nor justify it. I started to cry when I saw the second plane hit, the man jumping off one of the upper floors of the tower, the tower collapsing, people on the streets covered in dust and debris... it had to be a nightmare, there was no other way! But it was not a nightmare, it was real, and it was happening to the most powerful country in the world.
After that, I remember watching in the news miles and miles of people in line waiting to donate blood. Memorials held everywhere. Masses held to pray for those affected. Volunteers from all parts of the US trying to find any way to help. Companies, celebrities and regular people alike offering financial assistance for those affected.
Americans came united in a way that was unprecedented, and in a beautiful, bittersweet way.
Every year, on September 11, men, women, children; Republicans and Democrats; rich and poor; old and young, all put their differences aside to come together and remind the world that WE stand UNITED. That WE might forgive, but NEVER FORGET. And as the days go by, America only becomes stronger because at the end of the day, we all stand together against evil.

Honor the memory of those innocent who lost their lives, those who fought, and those who lived through it. Special thanks to firefighters, policemen all over the US who risk their lives every day to protect us. And let's not forget those soldiers overseas, who are also risking their lives every day to protect our freedom, to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Total Beauty Collection for HSN Review

A few days ago, I received an awesome box from TotalBeauty.  This is the Total Beauty Collection for HSN box, set to be released in September 27th. I have been trying them out for a couple of weeks now and I am so in love with the box.

My first impression is the beautiful, elegant packaging in which the products come:

The texture of the box is soft to the touch and you can tell it is really high quality.

Here are the seven products inside:

CAROL'S DAUGHTER MONOI REPAIRING SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO - (sample size, $18 full size) This shampoo smells wonderfully. Perfect for chemically treated or damaged hair because of the strand-strengthening Monoi Oil, which comes from Tahiti and it is known for its restorative properties. It is free of sulfates or any harsh chemicals. I really liked the smell of the shampoo, and it really does leave it feeling super clean.

CAROL'S DAUGHTER MONOI REPAIRING CONDITIONER - (sample size, $20 full size) The conditioner smells just as wonderfully as the shampoo, and it has a rich, thick texture. This conditioner claims to repair hair and leave it detangled and manageable. Well, though it does smell wonderful as previously said, it was in my experience not very helpful in detangling my hair.  After rinsing it off my hair was very tangled and with a hay-like texture even when it was wet, so I had to apply a different conditioner to my ends. It is worth mentioning that when the hair was dry, the scent lasted for a long time, and it felt light and soft, so  this conditioner works well after all.

BOSCIA LUMINIZING BLACK MASK - (Sample size, $34 full size) This was an interesting product to try because I had never tried something like this before. It is a dark, sticky liquid mask that contains minerals to dry out oil and dirt and brighten up the skin. It was a pleasant and interesting experience. It is hard to apply, but with a little practice I think the results would be much better. It takes about 20 minutes to dry, and after that it comes off pretty easily. The skin feels cleaner and softer and definitely brighter, even after just one use. One tip: make sure it doesn't fall on any clothes, it is so hard to take off fabric.

AMIKA OIL TREATMENT -  (Sample size, $34 full size) I was very impressed with this oil. I use tons of different oils because of my hair texture and this one was one of my top favorites. This one has all the benefits I look for in an oil: delicious fruity smell, does not weigh hair down, control frizz, free of parabens and harsh chemicals. Also, you can apply to damp hair prior to blow drying and it extend the life of the blowout. Highly recommended.

PRAI AGELESS THROAT AND DECOLLETAGE CREAM - (Sample size, $29.95 full size) I don't have any wrinkles yet (yay!), but this cream works just fine as a moisturizer. When applied on the neck area, it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It has a light scent to it, which is quite pleasant but not overwhelming.

SIGNATURE CLUB A PRECIOUS MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL OASIS DAY CREAM BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 25 - (Sample size, $28.50 full size) I love Moroccan oil, because it is highly effective in fixing hair and skin. This cream is super moisturizing but never oily, and works perfect before applying makeup. It has SPF 25, which is perfect for wearing along on the face before going out in the sun. Absorbs quickly and leaves the face feeling super soft to the touch.
LORAC LIPS WITH BENEFITS LIP GLOSS IN CHUCK - (sample size, $18 full size)  This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for repairing lips that are dry or broken. I live in a very dry area, so my lips tend to be chapped and sometimes even a little bloody (I know, gross). So I put this on, and voila! Within a couple of days my lips were smooth, soft and not chapped at all. The color is nude, with a little bit of gloss to it, but not overwhelming and looks very classy. Free of parabens and harsh chemicals as well. A new favorite!

LANCOME HYPNOSE DRAMA MASCARA -  (sample size, $26 full size) This mascara is really black, and doesn't flake. It also doesn't clump. So thumbs up for that. You have to apply several coats to get a dramatic look, but other than that, it is perfect for a day look if you don't wanna be too dramatic.

INTELLIWHITE PRO WHITE PROFESSIONAL TOOTHPASTE WITH FLUORIDE AND XYLITOL - (travel size, $16.95 full size) I love the fact that is has a very subtle minty taste, not overwhelming like other toothpastes out there.  It really does whiten your teeth, much faster than other toothpastes. Within a couple of weeks I saw some stains diminish (I am a heavy coffee drinker). This works for whitening, but it will not work for taking out the strong smells/tastes of some foods, so keep mouthwash handy.

The box will be only $19.99 with Free Shipping available on Sept. 27th! In my opinion, the value of the products far exceeds the value of the box and it is better than many sampling programs out there, because you actually get cool, high end stuff to try out, all very good sizes.  Check out and sign up for their alerts!

Also check out the beauty section of HSN for more beauty products and tips:

Also, here is a picture of my cat using the shipping box as a bed. See? Even the cat loves the TotalBeauty Collection!
Ahhhh! So comfy!

Disclaimer: I received this box for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Tomorrow I'm going to go to a friend's wedding. I am going to be wearing a blue dress, so I thought that blue nails to go with it would be so nice. I only had one blue nail polish that was too dark, but I had never used before, so I thought to myself, well it's now or never. This is the result:

The blue is darker than I expected

Essie and Nicole by OPI
I liked it! It looks like how the universe looks in books, lol (IMO). I think it looks really cool!

What I used:
-Nicole by O.P.I nail polish in Denim to Earth
-Luxeffects Essie nail polish multi-dimension top coat in Stroke of Brilliance