Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always Remember

I do not like writing sad posts. But today has to be the exception.
Eleven years ago on this day, I was in Cd. Juarez, Mex., in a physics class. My professor at the time (who is American) made a comment about a plane hitting one of the towers, and how unfortunate it was. It must have been around 10am central time, so only one tower had been hit. Mexican schools are badly equipped with electronics and other commodities, and as such, the classroom in which I was had no TV, radio or computer. So I did not know the magnitude of the attacks right away. When I got home at 3pm that day and turned on the TV, and I saw every channel had the same picture: a building on fire, a cloud of smoke, people jumping off buildings, the Pentagon on fire, the brave passengers of Flight 93 . I thought to myself, this HAS to be a movie! But it didn't make sense that all channels had the same movie. As a twelve year old, I did not really understand what a terrorist attack was, since never in my life had I seen one. But I understood the word "terror" and that was enough. As I kept on watching, the real magnitude of the attacks started to make sense, though up to this day, I still don't understand their purpose and I am sure I never will understand it nor justify it. I started to cry when I saw the second plane hit, the man jumping off one of the upper floors of the tower, the tower collapsing, people on the streets covered in dust and debris... it had to be a nightmare, there was no other way! But it was not a nightmare, it was real, and it was happening to the most powerful country in the world.
After that, I remember watching in the news miles and miles of people in line waiting to donate blood. Memorials held everywhere. Masses held to pray for those affected. Volunteers from all parts of the US trying to find any way to help. Companies, celebrities and regular people alike offering financial assistance for those affected.
Americans came united in a way that was unprecedented, and in a beautiful, bittersweet way.
Every year, on September 11, men, women, children; Republicans and Democrats; rich and poor; old and young, all put their differences aside to come together and remind the world that WE stand UNITED. That WE might forgive, but NEVER FORGET. And as the days go by, America only becomes stronger because at the end of the day, we all stand together against evil.

Honor the memory of those innocent who lost their lives, those who fought, and those who lived through it. Special thanks to firefighters, policemen all over the US who risk their lives every day to protect us. And let's not forget those soldiers overseas, who are also risking their lives every day to protect our freedom, to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.