Friday, October 12, 2012

Parnevu Hair Products Review

I have done all kinds of horrible things to my hair, and because of it, it has been so dry and damaged! My hair has been dyed several times, and add the daily styling and use of heat and you get REALLY damaged hair. My hair is very thick and coarse and has a hay-like texture at the ends, and every time I brush it it breaks and/or just falls off. Also I have terrible, horrible, scary split ends. I have tried a bunch of products to try to cope with these problems but so far only a few work, but not to the level I would like. 
I have been trying a few different products from Parnevu for the last couple of weeks, and I have to say I am very impressed with their products. I mainly selected Parnevu products for my dry hair. The Parnevu products I chose were:

·       T-Tree Leave In Conditioner - Helps lock in moisture, prevents flakes and itching, and helps strengthen hair.
·       Extra Dry Scalp Therapy For Extra Dry Hair Leave in Conditioner -  Helps with dry scalp, and breakage, and stimulates roots.
·       Extra Dry Hair Mayonnaise For weak damaged hair.

This is how my hair looked a little over two weeks ago:

You can see its lack of luster, split ends, and overall dryness.

How did I use it?
I wash my hair every other day. So at the beginning, I was a little crazy going overboard with how much product I used and where. I would put a lot of product and then my hair would end up all limp and weighed down. So I had to changed that. I put the Scalp Therapy treatment on my roots only, massaging softly. Then I put the T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner in the middle section of my hair. And then finally, at the ends, I apply the Hair Mayonnaise. A little bit of each does the job. 

Another awesome use I found: the hair Mayonnaise is great as a styling product. I cannot stress how much better it is for creating beachy waves than gel or other products. Not only does it provide shine and nutrients for the hair, it also keeps the hair in place. Look how pretty (and it smells wonderful, nothing like mayonnaise, in case you were wondering)!

After one week

Deep conditioning:
So far my favorite Parnevu product of the three I choose is the hair Mayonnaise. I did the deep conditioning treatment by washing my hair first, then saturating my hair with the Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise, and leaving it in for twenty minutes with a shower cap on, and finally rinsing it off with warm water. 
I did not apply any product after the deep conditioning and let it air dry. The result? Shiny, bouncy, super soft hair, with a light pleasant scent. 

The good:
It works. It works wonders when you deep condition, provides shine, does not weigh hair down, and smells wonderful. Also, the products are SUPER affordable, unlike many similar products.

The bad:
If you do not wash your hair really well, the product will tend to build up.  That is about the only issue I found.

The verdict?
I love Parnevu! It's only been a little over two weeks of using Parnevu hair products but I can already see a huge difference. It smells so nice, nothing overwhelming, but a pleasant fresh smell. They left my hair soft and touchable. My ends are soft. My hair does not have that hay-like texture anymore. The shine has greatly increased and when I brush it I don't lose a lot of hair anymore. 

I would definitely recommend Parnevu with people with hair problems like mine. 

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Disclaimer: Parnevu kindly gave me these products in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine and completely honest.