Monday, November 12, 2012

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin

Product Information:

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion Normal/Dry
The light, refreshing wipe-off formula feels weightless on the skin, yet it's very hard working, removing every last trace of make-up and grime. Packed with moisturizing agents like Glycerin, your skin will be left soft and refreshed. The oils are optimized to be the most effective at cleansing away dirt without removing natural and beneficial skin lipids. 

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Dry :
Rest easy throughout the night knowing that your skin is getting the best possible care with this luxuriously rich night cream for all night moisturization, includes Cocoa butter for an additional boost. A nourishing cream with Glycerin and Shea Butter to energize and promote optimum hydration while you sleep. Designed to work in harmony with your skin, replacing lost moisture and leaving you with healthy looking radiant skin. 

My Review:

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin products

I use my No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion for normal/dry skin to take off my makeup at night. After washing my face with water and facial cleanser, I just apply the lotion on a cotton pad and use it to take my makeup off, all of it. It removes waterproof mascara, any foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick, with very little effort.
The No.7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream I use it every night on my face after cleaning it before I go to sleep at night. 
I have been using it for a few days now, and I can definitely feel a difference in the way the skin on my face looks and feels. It feel softer overall. I love it, and definitely recommend and will buy again!

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