Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Shoe Collection, Super Affordable Boots, Wedges, and Heels!

Like every girl, I love shoes! I have tons of shoes from flip-flops to boots and flats. I have somewhere around 40 pairs of shoes, which is nowhere near what some of my friends and fellow bloggers have. All my shoes are super affordable, thou I never lose hope to one day own those classic Louboutin black pumps! I am only 5'1" so I have a predilection for high heels and wedges, or basically anything that makes me look a little taller.
Here are some of my favorite pairs:

Faux suede boots! Express 79.99 These boots are a favorite of mine, comfortable, mold to your legs, and perfect for the holidays. It makes any outfit whether it'd be a skirt, dress or jeans, stand out.

Awesome winter boots. Olympia by UnionBay, Sears or,$35. Super comfortable, perfect with skinny jeans, sweater and scarf.

Ruffled faux-suede booties by Fahrenheit, $20 at or for $32. Super girly and stylish booties, also great for the winter and/or holidays. Style them with leggings, skirt, and a nice top.

Candies black peep toe pumps $35 at Kohl's, also faux-suede. I love these ones! Perfect with a fiery red pedi, skinny jeans and a fun top. Super comfortable with a 4-in heel.

Bamboo pink and red wedges. Lux-Shoe-Ry Boutique $15. Super awesome wedges. It really makes any outfit pop out! I love these shoes and I love the price. This shoe boutique has awesome shoes, and I've never seen then at better prices.
There they are! Those are five of my favorite shoes that I own.Yay for shoes!

Disclaimer - I was not paid for this post, all opinions are honest, and my own.