Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Ten Shows To Watch on Netflix

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By Netflix [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
It is no secret I love Netflix... It is really the best thing after chocolate ice cream, put these two together and you're in heaven. I already have a list of what I think are the Top Ten Foreign Movies on Netflix, but that's not all I watch. Netflix not only has a vast list of amazing movies, it also has tons of different shows, new and old, for all kinds of tastes. Girly shows? Yep. Science fiction shows? You betcha. Cops shows? Of course.

Here is my list of my top ten (not animated) shows to watch on Netflix:

10.  Gossip Girl -  With setting such as The Upper East side in NY, Gossip Girl is such a fun show to watch. I would say this show is more for the girly girl and totally my guilty pleasure, all seasons are there except for the last one, season six. This show is about beautiful designer dresses, parties and rich people problems.Oh, and love triangles. The shows main characters are: Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams, Nate Archibald, Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey. They are all ridiculously beautiful people, they all sleep with each other, back stab each other, lie to each other, but in the end love and help each other when needed. Crazy stuff happens, all while being documented by the unknown Gossip Girl (voiced by Kristen Bell), a blogger who makes their private lives not so private.

9. Nip/Tuck - From the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, it has all the seasons. This show had my attention from the minute I started watching. The show's main characters are Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. They are both plastic surgeons and their catch phrase is "tell me what you don't like about yourself," which they usually say at the beginning of each episode. Christian Troy is a womanizer with lots of issues dating back to his childhood, and Sean McNamara is a sensitive family man trying to do the best for his family. The show is dark, many times funny and sometimes even ridiculous, and you will see references to real world people and instances in some episodes.

8. Alias - It has all seasons. Jennifer Garner is such a badass chick as Sydney Bristow. She's a double agent for something called SD6. It's about a girl trying to do her job or taking out the bad guys and trying to keep her identity secret from her friends. With over 100 episodes full of action. This show is created by one of my favorite people of all time: JJ Abrams. You'll never get bored watching this show!

7. The Walking Dead - For those of you who like scary stories. The show is still ongoing, but you can find the first two seasons on Netflix. It is a drama about zombies! And a small group of survivors, well, trying to survive. Not for the faint of heart, this show is highly graphic and the walking dead are very, very gross looking!

6. Breaking Bad - There are four seasons on Netflix. This drama show follows a high school chemistry teacher - Walter White - making and selling crystal meth to try to leave something for his family after he dies. With the help of a former student, he starts selling the high quality substance, and quickly starts making money, as well as many enemies. As the seasons progress, we see Walter, a shy, nice man, become someone dark, almost evil as problems escalate and threatens the security of his family - and his business. It will keep you on the edge of you seat!

5. The League - There are three seasons on Netflix. This is like How I Met Your Mother (see number 2), but for more mature audiences. This show centers around six close friends: Kevin and his wife Jenny, Kevin's brother Taco, Ruxin, Pete and Andre, and how they compete to win the fantasy football league. The show is really funny as we follow the characters on their everyday lives. Taco's my favorite character, his personality is kind of like Patrick's from the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon.

4. Weeds - You can watch seven seasons on Netflix. This show is about an upper-middle class woman - Nancy Botwin - who finds herself selling weed in her fictional city of Agrestic, California, to support her family's lifestyle after her husband dies. Nancy finds several problems along the way, and as the show progresses, Nancy's weed business gets bigger and thus her problem escalate. The shows characters are all great, but it is Nancy who makes the show a hit!

3. Raising Hope - Can a show get any cuter??? This show reminds me a lot of Full House. Maybe because the main character, Hope Chance (born Princess Beyonce), is played by the twins Baylie and Rylie Cregut, much like Michelle from Full House was played by the Olsen twins. This show is about a guy raising Hope as a single father (but with the help of his family), since he got a serial killer pregnant, and she ended up in the death row. All I can say is that all the characters are so funny, especially the beyond hilarious MawMaw! You can find the first two seasons.

2. How I Met Your Mother - I would have to say I had a hard time debating whether it would be Raising Hope or HIMYM number two. This show is compared to "Friends" a lot. It is about five close friends: Lily and Marshall, a couple who lost their virginity to each other; Robin Scherbastki, the Canadian TV anchor; Ted Mosby, the main character who falls in love too quickly; and Barney Stinson, the womanizer with funny catchphrases and different methods to make women fall for him. The show is usually told from Ted's perspective from the future, as he tells the story to his future children of how he met their mother (hence the name of the show).  You can find the first 7 seasons on Netflix.

1. Lost - Regarded as one of the best series of all time, you will find Lost is... well, that good. The show caught my attention from the very beginning, due to its amazing and confusing story lines. The characters are many, but they're so rich, developed and multicultural, and you either love them or hate them. It is of course, about a bunch of people lost in a mysterious island after a plane crash. The story is very much about the survivors trying to get off the island, but as the story develops, it becomes more and more complex, and towards the end, it leaves it up to interpretation of the viewer to make sense of the finale. You'll have to watch the show twice to understand a lot of concepts! You can find all the season on Netflix.

Honorable mentions: Terra Nova is a one season show about a people from the future traveling to the past to start a new life away from the pollution and restrictions of the future. Lie To Me has three seasons that were cut short due to low ratings. The show is about a man who's an expert on reading a persons body language and cues to determine whether someone is lying or not. They are both really good shows that shouldn't have been cut short!

Any recommendations?