Monday, April 22, 2013

An Affordable Way to Stay in Touch with your Loved Ones!

*This is a sponsored post*

With my family living in Guadalajara, Mexico and me living in the US, I MUST, I mean MUST look for the best, most affordable way to keep in touch. I spend at least one hour a week talking to my mom about the most trivial stuff: what I ate for dinner, how's work, my new outfit, etc., etc., 

I would love to video chat with her using Skype or Google Hangouts, but guess what? She doesn't have Internet at home. My sister has a smart phone but she doesn't have unlimited minutes, and cellular phone services in Mexico is one of the most expensive in the world. And I think calling the US from a land line in Mexico is a little less under one dollar a minute... So it really is up to my to keep in touch with my family. 

Here are some of the things I've tried, or haven't tried (because they're too expensive):
- Calling Guadalajara from my cell phone is wayyy too expensive, that's never been an option (my cellphone bill is already $80!).
- Using Internet based stuff for free is not an option, since my family doesn't have access to Internet at home.
- I tried using calling cards but they would end up cutting off in the middle of a conversation. Those hidden connection fees are terrible!
- Buying subscriptions and/or minutes from the Internet and just call the landlines from my computer, but the connection usually was terrible and some just never worked well, so I would spend half my minutes saying "Hello, hello, can you hear me?" Not cool!

See my problem?

So yeah it was getting pretty expensive.
Luckily for me (and my parents in Mexico), I recently discovered textPlus!

What is textPlus?
TextPlus is an app available in the Android Market and Apple Store. It offers free texting and inexpensive domestic and international calls. All communication that happens between people who have the app is free!

My Review:

I have both versions of the textPlus app; one for my iPad Mini, and one for my Samsung Galaxy SIII.
I have to say I really like both.

The Awesome:

- Group Texting
- Free, unlimited texting (to any number in the US)
- Free phone calls, and texting to those with the App
- Affordable international phone calls to many different countries (I call Guadalajara's landlines for 3.5 cents a minute!)
- They give you a free phone number, it's yours
- You can earn FREE credits with the app by watching videos or completing offers
-  It really works like regular texting: besides regular texting, you can send and receive pictures.
- Walkie-talkie included, it's fun!
- The app does have a very good sound, I can hear people on the other side nice and clear!

The Bad:

- No 911 calls (that's cool with me)
- Does not use your actual phone number, but the one they give you; so people might be a little confused as to who is texting them. So I always make sure to let them know.

The Verdict:

TextPlus is an app for those who want to save a little bit of money, whether it'd be by saving money on a texting plan or international calls. It really made me think whether I need unlimited texting at all; as long as I have unlimited data on my phone the app works and I receive messages just fine. Also, I have Wi-Fi at home and at work, which my iPad Mini uses. The app is easy to use and understand. Beautiful, clear display. 
I think this app is perfect for someone who has family in other countries, or friends who are studying abroad, and lets not forget our members of the military!
The Love it! A great app, definitely a five star app!

Download textPlus:

- for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch HERE
- Android HERE

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Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Text Plus and the Latina Lifestyle bloggers Collective for this sponsored post. All opinions and views are my own and they have not been directly influenced by either Text Plus or the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective.