Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thrift Store Haul #2

Sorry I've been away this month! I've just been busy with work and stuff. I'm glad to be back!

Anyway, I had a three day weekend for once in a long time, so I decided to go thrifting with my BFF. It was Memorial Day weekend so we found tons of deals at the local thrift stores. I was particularly looking for white pieces of clothing. I am a super messy eater, I drop everything on myself, so white is really out of the question as far as clothing goes. But white looks really good on anyone, so I I really wanted to get some cute pieces so it would hurt too much if I suddenly dropped some ketchup on me or decided to roll on the floor with the cat or randoms dogs at the park. :)

Here are some of the great things I found:

VS PJ's $2

Charter Club silk blouse $3

Tommy Hilfiger Sleepwear bottoms $2

White top $3

Daisy Fuentes pants $2

Calvin Klein Capri Pants $3

H&M top $1

American Eagle Outfitters T-shirt $2

I also got a new purse for $3 but I didn't take a picture because I forgot it in friend's car. I got all of this for about $21! That's pretty awesome. I love going thrift shopping because I always find great stuff for a few bucks. My friend managed to find an Oscar de la Renta tie for about $3 and a beautiful lamp for about $10.
I would do it more often but it takes a lot of time, and that's something I don't have a lot of, lately. Thank goodness though, I love being busy!