Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Derek Cardigan Glasses from Coastal.com

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Have you heeard of Coastal.com?
If you haven't, Coastal.com is the largest online retailer of contact lenses and eyeglasses in North America. They are known for their vast variety of Designer Eyeglasses at half the price! But my favorite thing about Coastal.com, is the fact that for every pair of glasses purchased, Coastal.com donates another pair to someone in need, how cool is that?

They carry anything from Calvin Klein to the Derek Cardigan line of eyeglasses.

I really like the Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses.
Why, you ask? I am kind of like a very nerdy/hipster/stylish person. Nothing over the top, but just enough to be "fashionable" (or so I think!). And that's exaclty what the line of Derek Cardigan eyeglasses are: cute, vintage, with that hipster feeling to it, simple but yet fashionable, bold, not to mention super affordable! None, I mean, none of the Derek Cardigan eyeglasses pairs at Coastal.com is over $98, and of course that's not even counting those that are on sale, or part of a promotion. The Derek Cardigan eyeglasses come in different colors: pink, silver, brown, and of course black, among many others. And the styles are many: the anyone is bound to find something that fits their personality.  And of course you can always "try them on" to see how they look on you with their "Try on View" feature, just by uploading a picture of your face, or using the pictures already on Coastal.com. Here is my favorite pair from Derek Cardigan at Coastal.com :



Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses


Aren't they cute? These eyeglasses are totally me. I love them!

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