Tuesday, February 4, 2014

U by Kotex Sample Review

Thanks to Crowdtap, I was able to try some of the U by Kotex products. I received:

- A beautiful zipper tin container
- Two U by Kotex liner
- Two U by Kotex sleek tampons with instructions included
- Generation Know bracelet
- Info card (not pictured)

There was an extra to share, which I gave to my sister-in-law to try out. 

My Thoughts:

The tin container is so cute and convenient.  It can be used to conspicuously carry all your Kotex feminine products, or if you'd like, makeup, money or whatever. I've loved Kotex since I first started needing feminine products.  U by Kotex products are fun, girly, and most importantly, keeps you safe and comfy during that time of the month! The tampons are more for a lighter flow. The packaging is cute and convenient.  The are sleek, and they come with a rubbery holder at the base of the applicator for a safe, secure insertion.  The liners are great as a compliment for wearing along with the tampon.  The liners also come individually packaged and are so thin, you don't even feel it.  And lastly, the Generation Know bracelet, which is a bracelet that represents "the first generation of girls to get the facts about their bodies and share that knowledge to create social change" as per card insert in the bracelet.  Very cute string bracelet with green, pink, yellow and black strings and a cute charm that reads 'I know'.  U by Kotex always has been and will continue to be a favorite of mine.

Disclaimer: I received this for review purposes, all opinions are honest and my own.