Saturday, May 24, 2014

Visit Santa Fe, Visit The Original Trading Post

Where to go when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico?

The Original Trading Post is one of my favorite places in the world.

The only reason why: because it's an awesome store!

It is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and according to their Facebook page it is the oldest trading post in the United States.  The building has been around since the 1600's.  Therefore it is the oldest trading post.  Older than the Independence. Older than the Constitution.  Older than old.

The building looks like a normal, simple building from the outside.  I love how it surprises me every time I go there. This store is HUGE. It is wonderfully big, full of stuff you won't find anywhere, both high end and affordable.
It specializes in Native American jewelry and pottery.  But it has so much more.  It has amazing clothing from American designers such as Patricia Wolf from Texas, to renowned designers such as Simon Chang from Canada.  I love their clothing, which has every size from S all the way to 2XL depending on the item.  It also has the most extensive and varied skirt collection I have ever seen in my life.

Sometimes, there is a ghost tour guide that takes people in and talks about the spirits that reside in the old wells of the trading post.  I don't know how much of it is true, but listening to the guide is pretty entertaining and fascinating.  

Besides the awesome stuff that's in the store, and the beautiful displays that they show inside, I think my favorite part is the staff.  The give you a customized experience that you won't find in any other store, where the guest is the number one priority.   It is a fun store, full of fun stuff and fun people.

Front of the Store

Navajo Hand Etched pottery

Natural turquoise sterling silver with bear claws Navajo necklace

If you've ever visited the Original Trading Post, give them a like or comment on Facebook 

If you haven't been to the Original Trading Post, stop by! They are located in:

  • 201 W San Francisco St
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Phone: -505-984-0759

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